Large PACs Level 2 (future)

Planned new course coming in 2021 covering the following PACs:
- ControlLogix L1
- ControlLogix L55
- ControlLogix L6x
- ControlLogix L7x
- ControlLogix L8x
- RSLogix 5000 / Studio 5000 Logix Designer
- RSLinx Classic Lite, FactoryTalk Linx (free communications drivers)

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Planned new course coming in 2021: Large PACs Level 2 (All five generations of ControlLogix PACs, from 1756-L1 through 5580)

Frist let me start by thanking you for enrolling in one or more of my courses!

Over the last several years I've truly enjoyed sharing what I know about A-B PLCs, HMIs, and SCADA products with you here on

But as I look to the future, I've found that I need to come up with a more “modular approach” to creating courses, specifically to make it easier for me to add “new” or “updated” lessons over time.

One way to do this is by filming “common” lessons which can be used in multiple courses.

This is especially useful with lessons like, “How To Get Manuals,” “How To Find Firmware,” and other lessons that show students how to find resources on vendor websites, since those websites change on a regular basis!

That said, this particular course is one of several “third generation” courses I'm currently working on, and which you will get free of charge since you purchased one of my previous courses that included a free upgrade 🙂

And since it's a work in progress, please check back here over the coming months to get an early look at the new lessons I'll be adding, many of which will cover new topics and content not found in my original Core, Standard, or Extended courses.

In closing, while it's under development I want to invite you to comment below on any new lessons that you'd like to see added to this course!

Thanks as always,

Shawn Tierney,
Founder of The Automation School

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