Lesson 4: Online Courses


Lesson 4: Online Courses

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To purchase the online version of a course, start buy logging into our site and then select the course you’re interested in to display the course's home page.

From here, scroll down and select the online course or bundle you’re interested in purchasing.

Then on the checkout page, check the terms box and then select the purchase button.

At this point you can checkout using any major credit card, or using your paypal account, and after you submit all your payment information you should see a confirmation that your payment was accepted and you’ll now want to select the option to return to our site.

When you return, since it can take between 10 to 60 seconds for your payment confirmation to come through, if you purchase shows pending after a minute refresh the page and then it should show as Complete.

At that point, you’ll also find that we’ve sent a purchase receipt to your email address that includes links to your course or bundle.

To begin taking your online course, return to the course’s home page and there you should see you are now enrolled in the course, and you can proceed to the lesson list at the bottom of the page where you want to select the first lesson to begin taking the course.

Now while you’re watching some lessons you may notice a lesson timer near the mark complete button, and this indicates that the lesson must play until the timer is done before you can mark the current lesson complete and move on to the next lesson.

And if while you are watching the lesson you have a question, just scroll down to the Lesson Discussion Area below the lesson to submit a question to the course’s instructor.

On the lesson video itself, you’ll find links to watch the lesson in full screen, change the video resolution, adjust the volume, as well as pause the video.

Now just a reminder that you must click on the Mark Complete or Quiz button below the video to save your progress, after which you can either continue taking the course or close your web browser.

When you return to the course you’ve already started taking, see your green icons indicating the lessons you’ve marked as completed, and you can select the next incomplete lesson in the course to continue.

Another link you’ll want to know about is the Your Courses link which takes you to a list of all the courses you’re enrolled in, as well as show your progress in each.

Now when you mark the last lesson of a course complete, you will be returned to the courses home page where you’ll find a new button to view and print your personalized completion certificate.

And since our online courses have no expiration date, once you finish a course you can always come back and view any lesson in any order at any time.

Once the above video lesson is complete, scroll down and click on “Mark Complete” to continue on to the next lesson.


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