Lesson 5: Vimeo Editions

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When you buy a Vimeo edition of one of our courses you receive a PDF voucher with a coupon code that allows you to redeem a lifetime copy of all that course's video lessons at Vimeo.com.

But before you can redeem that code, you first need to create a free Vimeo.com account, and then use that account to log into Vimeo.com after which you can redeem your coupon.

Once redeemed, the course is added to your Vimeo library and you can watch all the course's video lessons in any order, at any time, on Vimeo.com and other supported devices.

You can also use the free “Vimeo Mobile App” to download the lessons to watch later (including offline on supported mobile devices.)

Once the above video lesson is complete, scroll down and click on “Mark Complete” to continue on to the next lesson.

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