Lesson 6: DVD Courses

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If you choose the DVD course option on the course page, the course’s DVD set will be added to your cart and you'll be taken to the checking out page.

Here you’ll want to enter in a valid USPS mailing address, then check the terms box, and then select the purchase button.

At this point you can checkout using any major credit card, or with your paypal account, and after you submit all your payment information you should see a confirmation that your payment was accepted and have the option to return to our site.

When you return to our site, since it can take between 10 to 60 seconds for your payment confirmation to come through, if you purchase shows pending just wait a minute and then refresh the page and it should show as Complete.

Please note that DVD orders ship in 1 to 3 business days after your order is placed, and customers located in the continental USA typically receive their DVD Courses within one to two weeks.

You can check on the status of your order by selecting the Purchase History link, and once your DVD set has shipped the notice here will change from Pending to show your USPS tracking number.

Once you receive your DVD, if you have any questions about the content covered, you’ve already been enrolled in the DVD course’s forum on TheAutomationSchool.com and there you can ask the instructor questions about the topics cover in the course, as well as watch any “digital” bonus videos added after the DVD was released.

Once the above video lesson is complete, scroll down and click on “Mark Complete” to continue on to the next lesson.

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