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    Shawn Tierney

    In early 2018 The Automation School began offering Group Enrollment to our corporate customers who needed to enroll three or more of their employees in our training courses.

    We did this to specifically address the needs of their Training Coordinators, the most pressing of which was the need to track each student's progress through each course they were enrolled in.


    Well, often times employees can earn advancement by continuing their education and learning new skills.

    So, the ability of supervisors to be able to monitor their employee's progress and quiz scores provides (among other things) reassurance that the employee is successfully working through the course(s).

    Beyond tracking students progress, there's also the practical side of the Quantity Discounts employers receive when enrolling multiple students in our courses.

    Depending on the number of students, companies can save anywhere from 15% to 35% off the cost of our online courses when purchased in groups of three students or more.

    Finally, we here at The Automation School understand that most employees will need refresher training on certain subjects now and again.

    It's for this reason that all our online courses come with no expiration date!

    Simply put, as long as the employee has access to his or her company email address, they should also have access to the courses their company enrolls them in here at

    Common Questions:

    (1) “What is needed to enroll my employees in your online courses?”

    To send you a quote for group enrollment, we'll need to know (a) how many students you want to enroll (minimum of three,) and (b) which courses you wish to enroll them in, all of which you can send to us using our short Group Enrollment Inquiry form HERE.

    To process an order from group enrollment, we'll need (a) the name of each student, (b) their company email address, and (c) a group manager's name and email address.

    NOTE: All employees to be enrolled are required to have their own Company Email Address to qualify for Group Enrollment. If the employees you wish to enroll do not each have their own unique company email addresses they will not qualify for our group enrollment program.

    (2) “I enrolled a group of employees into a course, but then one left the company 🙁 Can I pass his seat onto to his replacement?”

    Yes! The cost to do so depends on how much of the course(s) the prior employee consumed.

    For instance, if the former employee consumed 50% of the course(s) he was enrolled in prior to leaving, then a new student can take his place (with a completely new seat) for 50% off the per student cost.

    Note that when replacing a student, we remove the former student's account (which deletes their progress and quiz scores,) prior to enrolling the new student with a clean slate. 🙂

    (3) How can I find out more about group enrollments?

    To get in contact with us about group enrollments, fill out our short Group Enrollment Inquiry form HERE and we'll try to get back in touch with you within one business day!


    Shawn Tierney,
    Instructor and Founder, The Automation School

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