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    John St Michael

    Good morning,

    I'm going on a business trip, and to prep for the trip I've downloaded all the course video lessons on my tablet using the Vimeo app (I purchased a “digital bundle.”)

    Question – will the progress I make watching the videos in the Vimeo App be sync'd with the my course progress here at

    Thanks in advance for your reply,



    Shawn Tierney

    Good morning John,

    The short answer is no, does not share your viewing history with us.

    To understand why we include a Vimeo Coupon Voucher with our Digital Bundle today, we first need to look at the primary item you're purchasing when you purchase a Digital Bundle.

    Currently that is Online Enrollment in a course here at with no expiration date.

    And while all our Online Courses include Video Lessons, most also include Quizzes, File Downloads, and optional Hands-on Exercises.

    Plus, when you complete one of our Online Courses by marking all the lessons complete and passing any quizzes, you are then awarded a Completion Certificate which you can download and print.

    That said, our Digital Bundles currently also include a Coupon Voucher for a second copy of all the video lessons from the video hosting website,

    This bonus item is provided so Digital Bundle customers have a means to securely download and view course lessons offline on mobile devices supported by the free Vimeo app.

    And while the video lessons are identical, as said earlier Vimeo does not share your progress or viewing stats with us or anyone for that matter.

    What that means is we have no way to confirm which videos you have or haven't watched via, which is why we only include it as a “bonus” to individual customers who purchase select courses.

    So in summary, today if you purchase a Digital Bundle and are only interested in watching the course lesson videos, you can watch them either at, or by using the free Vimeo app (once you redeem the digital bundle coupon.)

    However, if you are also interested in Course Downloads, Quizzes, Option Exercises, and earning the Completion Certificate, you'll want to take the online course here at


    Shawn Tierney,
    Founder, The Automation School

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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