Lesson 1.00: Course Intro, Tips


Lesson 1.00: Course Intro, Tips

Lesson Description:

In this introductory video you'll learn what topics are covered in this course, as well as learn helpful tips about taking the course.

  • If you have any questions for the instructor, please post them below in the “Comment” area.
  • When done, please scroll down and click on “Mark Complete” to save your progress.

Lesson Review:

Compact Basics Level 1 covers how to setup, program, and troubleshoot CompactLogix PACs:

  • Section 1 introduces you to the course, including the hardware and software used
  • Section 2 covers CompactLogix hardware, as well as how to design a system
  • Section 3 covers RSLogix 5000 and Studio 5000 Logix Designer
  • Section 4 covers hardware and network setup, including drives and firmware
  • Section 5 covers creating and downloading projects, as well as testing I/O
  • Section 6 covers creating, testing, and troubleshooting programs

Important Course Tips:

  • If you have a question while taking the course, please post it under the Lesson Video and Text in the discussion area
  • Not all lesson numbers are sequential; gaps were left to leave room for possible future lessons
  • While you can take Lessons in any order, you must click on “Mark Complete” to register that you've completed a lesson
  • Longer lessons have been split into multiple parts to provide students with more places to save their progress
  • When you complete all lessons, and pass all quizzes, a “Print Certificate” button will appear on the course's homepage
  • If you have any problems with our website or taking a course, please contact us at Support @ TheAutomationSchool.com

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