Lesson 1.01: Hardware & Software


Lesson 1.01: Hardware & Software

Lesson Description:

In this video lesson you'll learn about hardware and software options for the completing optional hands-on exercises.

  • If you have any questions for the instructor, please post them below in the “Comment” area.
  • When done, please scroll down and click on “Mark Complete” to save your progress.

Lesson Review:

  • You do not need to complete the optional exercises to complete this course and earn your certificate
  • To complete option exercises you will need (1) Programming Software, (2) CompactLogix System, (3) I/O Devices
  • Controllers are available second hand here, as well as new from Rockwell Distributors
  • Rockwell also offers starter packs & experience kits (hardware and software bundles)
  • The best Controllers to use with this course are those with an Ethernet port (but serial is also covered)
  • There is no free Programming software for CompactLogix, but the software does support a 7 day grace period
  • Thirty Day “Temp” Activation Licenses are available from Rockwell and their distributors (learn more here)
  • If you buy the software, the “Mini” edition is Ladder only ($875 in 2019) while “Lite” includes all languages ($2,200 in 2019)


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