Ultimate 800 Course

New Micro800 course in development: Ultimate 800™ - Currently free with purchase of Nano Basics Extended:
This new course will cover the following products:
- Micro 810
- Micro 820
- Micro 830
- Micro 850
- CCW (free)
- CCW Micro800 Simulator (free)
- RSLinx Classic Lite (free communications drivers)

9 Lessons

New Micro800 course in development: Ultimate 800™ – while in development this course is free with the purchase of Nano Basics™ Extended

Welcome to my new Micro800 Online Course, Ultimate 800™.

As this course is currently in development, the only way to enroll in it today is to get it for free with the purchase of my existing Micro800 course, NANO Basics™ Extended.

The reason for this is simple: During the development of my new “Ultimate” courses, I won't necessarily release new lessons in sequential order.

Why? Over the last few years my students have been asking great questions, questions that I wanted to release new lessons on. But not all of those questions are on subjects that would fit into my existing curriculum.

So instead of trying to shoehorn new, unrelated lessons into my existing curriculum, I decided launch my a new series of “Ultimate” courses in which I'll share as much knowledge as possible with students as often as possible, without having to worry about trying to fit every lesson into an existing curriculum.

And as part of this plan, I'm not going to limit myself to releasing lessons in chronological order (from basic to more complex,) but instead I want to have the freedom to jump around subject wise and release new lessons as existing students ask questions in my current courses.

This strategy will sometimes result in new advanced lessons being released before many new basic lessons as published, which is why I think it's important that while my “Ultimate” courses are under development all new students have a chance to go through my current courses which they can later supplement with whatever “Ultimate” lessons are released at that time.

Now at some point in the future I do expect my new “Ultimate” courses will be complete enough to be sold standalone, and at the point they'll be sold to new students separately from my existing courses.

But between now and then ALL existing and new students will get my “Ultimate” courses free of charge when they buy my existing course on the same topic.

Now since this course is a work in progress, please don't hesitate to send me your feedback as well as check back here over the coming months to take the new lessons I add each week.


Shawn Tierney,
Founder of The Automation School