Logix Live On-Demand

Learn to setup, use, and program the Allen-Bradley ControlLogix PAC (Programmable Automation Controller)

What you'll learn:

✓ ControlLogix hardware overview ✓ System sizing & component selection
✓ Controller architecture and OS ✓ Comm hardware and RSLinx Driver setup
✓ Version differences, Flashing Firmware ✓ Add and test Local and Distributed I/O
✓ Create and edit Tasks and Programs ✓ Create and test Ladder Routines
✓ Create and test Function Block Routines ✓ Create and use User Defined Data Types
✓ Create and test Structured Text and SFC ✓ And more!

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11 Lessons

Logix Live™ Online Training On-Demand Course

This course is the on-demand version of our seven-week live online course covering the Allen-Bradley ControlLogix family of Large Programmable Automation Controllers (PACs)

The course consists of Seven One Plus long recorded live training sessions designed to teach those with some basic PLC knowledge how to setup, program, and troubleshoot the ControlLogix family of Large Programmable Automation Controllers (PACs) using RSLogix 5000 and/or Studio 5000.

What Is Covered:

  • Understanding the overall design of ControlLogix system and components
  • How to configure a system’s Controllers, I/O, and Communications Modules
  • How to setup Ethernet and USB drivers in RSLinx Classic
  • The difference between RSLogix 5000 and Studio 5000
  • How to setup, configure, and edit RSLogix and Studio 5000 projects
  • How to add, edit, and test Local, Ethernet I/O
  • Understanding Controller and Program tags
  • How to create and edit Tags and Aliases
  • How to setup, configure and edit Tasks, Programs, and Routines
  • How to create, test, run, and troubleshoot Ladder Diagram Routines
  • Understanding Function Block Diagram Routines, and how they Execute
  • How to create, test, run, and troubleshoot Function Block Diagram Routines
  • How to create and use User Defined Data Types
  • And many additional advanced topics (complete list on each session page

To complete optional hands-on exercises you will need:

  • CompactLogix or ControlLogix PAC
  • Compatible communications port and cable
  • Compatible, installed, and working copy of RSLogix 5000 or Studio 5000

Logix Live Sessions:

  • Logix Live – Session 1: ControlLogix Intro
  • Logix Live – Session 2: Comms & IO
  • Logix Live – Session 3: Ladder
  • Logix Live – Session 4: FBD and UDTs
  • Logix Live – Session 5: ST and SFC
  • Logix Live – Session 6: Reuse and AOIs
  • Logix Live – Session 7: Prod/Con, MSG
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