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This is a Voucher for a seat in “Arduino Basics” Online Course which you can purchase and then give to someone else so they can enroll in this course.



This is a Voucher for a seat in “Arduino Basics” Online Course which you can purchase and then give to someone else so they can enroll in this course.

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Learn to confidently design, wire, upload, and test Arduino programs and projects with Arduino Basics™ - Getting Started with Arduino Course

You don't need to spend hundreds of hours to learn how to build, wire, and test Arduino Projects. All you need is basic electrical knowledge, a PC, MAC, or Chromebook, and our affordable Arduino Basics™ – Getting Started with Arduino Online Course.

Arduino Basics is the perfect online course for anyone who wants to learn to build, wire, and test Arduino projects. Taught with equipement from the latest 2024 starter kits, and designed for users of all ages, in this course you will learn everything you need to know to get started using Arduinos with confidence.

Unlike other courses that are several years old and reference boards and kits no longer available, our Arduino course is based on the latest developments as April 2024, and actually doesn't require you to purchase any hardware as we show you how to download and use the free Arduino IDE, as well as use a free online hardware and software simulation tool. We even give you links to each of our very own projects, as well as all of our source code.

And unlike other instructors whose job is done once the sale is complete, we're committed to your success and actively encourage students to post questions in the lesson discussion area. Our expert instructors visit The Automation School every workday to support and answer student questions.

We also invite you to come back and retake any lesson as the need arises, which is made possible by the fact that none of our courses come with an expiration date.

And when you finish your course and pass any quizzes, you'll also be rewarded with an official Completion Certificate from from The Automation School that will list the Professional Development Hours you've earned by completing all of the course content.

Arduino Basics™ Topics (as of 04/24/24):

Below is a summary of the topics covered, and a complete lesson listing is also available in a following section:

  • A short history of Arduino
  • Four most popular starter kits of 2024
  • How to get and use the Arduino Programming Software
  • How to make, program, and test projects for free online
  • Opening, verifying, and uploading projects
  • Creating a test circuit with and without an Arduino
  • Building Arduino Projects to Control Motors
  • Building Arduino Projects to Control Servos
  • Building Arduino Projects for Sequential Control
  • Building Arduino Projects for Traffic Light Control
  • Building Arduino Projects that use Presence Sensors
  • And more!

Who should take this course:

Anyone who has basic electrical knowledge and wants to learn how to build, wire, test, upload and run Arduino projects.

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Sample Lesson and Snapshots

In this lesson we cover the different ways you can follow along, including a free online simulation tools, as well as affordable and complete starter kits. Length: 1:17.

NOTE: If the above Sample Lesson Video does not load, your company's IT department may be blocking our video host, To verify this, try viewing the video on your Cell Phone or Home PC, or ask your IT department to unblock educational videos hosted on

Course Requirements

After purchasing this course, the only requirement to take the course is an Internet Connection to access this website.

That said, students who would like to complete the optional hands-on exercises should read the below:

While the hands-on exercises in this course are completely optional, it's understandable that many students want to complete them as part of their learning journey.

If that's you, below are two common options you can choose from:

1) You either have, or can acquire, a physical Arduino Starter Kit (like those we covered in the bonus lessons.) This, along with the free Arduino IDE software installed and working on your PC, MAC, or Chromebook would be the ideal situation to complete the optional hands-on exercises.

NOTE: A common question we receive is if we provide hardware kits with this online course, and since they are many times the price of this course, we do not.

2) For those who don't have access to a physical Arduino and PC, we do show students how to use the free online simulator, TinkerCAD, and it can be used to complete most of the optional exercises. We also include links to our TinkerCAD projects, as well as our code for each project.

NOTE: Currently, Arduino states it's programming software supports these operating systems:

  • Windows 10 and newer, 64 bits
  • Linux 64 bits
  • macOS Intel, 10.15 Catalina or newer, 64 bits
  • macOS Apple Silicon, 11 Big Sur or newer, 64 bits
  • Chromebook use the Arduino Web Editor on Arduino Cloud.