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This is a Voucher for a seat in “Unified Basic and Comfort Panel” Online Course which you can purchase and then give to someone else so they can enroll in this course.



This is a Voucher for a seat in “Unified Basic and Comfort Panel” Online Course which you can purchase and then give to someone else so they can enroll in this course.

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What You'll Learn and Receive


Learn to confidently setup, program, and connect the Siemens Unified Basic Panel and Unified Comfort Panel with this Online Course.

You don't need to spend thousands of dollars and several days in a classroom to learn how to setup, program, and connect the Siemens Unified HMIs to your Programmable Controllers. All you need is some basic PLC and Windows knowledge, a Windows PC, and our affordable Unified Basic and Unified Comfort Panel Online Course!

Our Unified HMI Online Course is perfect for electricians, technicians, and engineers who already understand PLC Basics, and now want to learn how to setup, program, and connect Siemens Unified HMI's to the S7-1200 and S7-1500 PLCs from Siemens.

Taught by a factory certified product specialist with over thirty years of experience, in this course you will learn everything you need to know to get started using these HMIs with confidence.

Unlike other vendor's courses that only become available after you purchase their expensive hardware or trainers, our course doesn't require you to purchase ANY hardware of software as we show you how to get a FREE trail copy of the Siemens TIA Portal Unified WinCC and Step 7 PLC Programming software, which also includes FREE HMI and PLC simulation that can be used to complete the optional exercises included in this course.

And for those who'd prefer to learn using a physical HMI and S7 PLC, we cover which Siemens Starter Packs are available at the time of the release of this course. We even provide you with an overview of every Unified Basic and Unified Comfort Panel available currently.

Unlike other companies whose job is done once the sale is complete, we're committed to your success and actively encourage students to post questions in the lesson discussion area, where our expert instructors review and answer them within one business day on average.

We also invite students to come back and retake any lesson and post additional questions as they come up, which is possible since none of our course come with an expiration date.

And when you finish your course and pass all the quizzes, you're rewarded with an official Completion Certificate from The Automation School that lists the Professional Development Hours you've earned by completing all of the required course content.

Unified Basic and Unified Comfort Panel HMI Course Topics:

Note: The course is currently in “early access” and the below topic list may change during the development of this course:

  • Vital Unified HMI Documents & Manuals
  • Unified Basic Hardware Overview, Details, and Tour
  • Unified Comfort Hardware Overview, Details, and Tour
  • Software Needed to Program Unified HMIs
  • How to get a Free TIA Portal WinCC Unified and Step 7 Trial
  • View Remaining Trial Days
  • Using the Automation License Manager
  • TIA Portal Unified WinCC Overview
  • Choosing the correct model and revision
  • Updating the HMI's version (image)
  • Resetting to Factory Defaults
  • Create Project and Simulate
  • Create Project, Download, and Test with HMI Hardware
  • Create an increasingly complete project using core WinCC Unified Features
  • Appendix: Unified Basic HMI Unboxing
  • Appendix: Unified Comfort Unboxing
  • Bonus: Siemens Interviews including:
  • Siemens Online Support Demo
  • Unified WinC and Unified Comfort Panel Launch presentation
  • Siemens Complete HMI Line Overview
  • Bonus: PROFINET Expert Interview
  • And more coming in the future!

Who should take this course:

Anyone who has some PLC experience and would like to learn how to setup, program, and connect the Siemens Unified Basic and Unified Comfort Panels to S7-1200 and S7-1500 Programmable Logic Controllers.

Instructor Bio:

Shortly after earning a degree in Electronics, Shawn Tierney spent twenty five years working in the field as a Rockwell Automation authorized distributor specialist helping countless Engineers and Electricians learn how to select, setup, program, and troubleshoot Allen-Bradley industrial automation controls.

During his time as a specialist, Shawn attended over fifty weeks of Rockwell training and gained his certification as a Rockwell Automation Specialist and Information Software Specialist, and graduated from Rockwell's STPA Certification program with the highest recorded score.

During that time Shawn also earned his Microsoft Certifications in Server and Desktop Operating Systems, becoming a Microsoft Certified Professional.

Shawn left his job as an Automation Specialist in 2015 to focus on sharing everyting he's learned in affordable, self-paced courses at

Student review of our PLC Courses: “The instructor has a vast knowledge of the system in question and provides excellent use of visual aids and stories from the field combined with a review of technical documents and the equipment in question. As a professional, I value this is the type of education and training that will help you do a better job in your career while educating you on various aspects of the platform in question and the product's history. Well Done Shawn” – J.H.

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Student review of our PLC Courses: “This course rocks. Its loaded with useful content where other courses fall short. Thanks Shawn. I will be looking for other courses you offer in the future.” – A.C.

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