What’s New In School for March 12, 2024

What's New In School for March 12, 2024

As part of our March Mega Sale (scroll down to the previous news post for details,) today we are releasing version 1.0 of our very own PLC Application Simulator.

This new Windows PC application is being released at no charge to all our students who are enrolled in any version of our PLC or PAC courses here at TheAutomationSchool.com!

This includes all versions of our PLC Basics, Nano Basics, PAC Basics, Compact Basics, and S7 PLC courses!

On the right side of the above image is an animated version of our classic Widget/Gadget machine that we use in most of our courses. And on the left you see a full fledged Ladder Logic Editor and Runtime build directly into the application.

While the built-in PLC Editor & Runtime is not identical to RSLogix, Studio 5000, CCW, or TIA Portal, I think most new students will have some “learning fun” playing with the application and its unique implementation of Relay Ladder Logic 😉

I also want to note that we are not charging new or existing students for this app, and therefore we had a limited budget and are aware of a few bugs. We hope to iron these out in future releases, assuming our students find the app is a useful learning tool.

We also plan to use this app in a new upcoming budget course, “Ladder Logic Basics,” as well as release a second course based on our developer's really fun automation game.

That said, if you are enrolled in one of our PLC/PAC courses you can request a copy of this app at no charge by filling in the form found on “Lesson 1.05,” which is a new lesson added to all of our PLC/PAC courses this morning 🙂


Shawn Tierney,
Instructor at The Automation School</h4


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