Recommended Reading: Meteor Lake – Redefining Intel Architecture

This is an excerpt from a recent educational article by Global American:

The brand-new Meteor Lake from Intel architecture is already making waves, as it is quite a leap from the company’s current paradigm. But what makes it so different? For the most part, Intel’s basic processor architecture has remained the same over the decades. Every generation just aims to pack more power onto the die by further refining the fabrication process, making it more expensive yet efficient.

But this method had started to bottleneck, and thus Intel started experimenting with a new method – Chiplets. After trying out this approach in its Hybrid Core processor in the 12th Gen Alder Lake, it has finally integrated it as its new mainstay with Meteor Lake.

This method not only changes the processor architecture itself but also the process through which the chips are fabricated, using a more cost-effective “tiling” method.

To read the complete article, click on this link:


Julius Frago,
The Automation School

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