Recommended Reading: Installing Fanless Computers: Important Dos and Don’ts

This is an excerpt from a recent educational article by OnLogic:

Fanless computers offer so many advantages including versatile mounting options, efficient power use, and enhanced reliability just to name a few. But, installing fanless computers can be a new experience for those accustomed to using more traditional, actively cooled systems. Thanks to their versatility, fanless computers aren’t always installed sitting on a desk like their consumer grade counterparts. With that installation flexibility, comes a few considerations that are easy to overlook for the uninitiated. Here are some things to keep in mind that can make or break your next fanless computer-based industrial IoT, Industry 4.0 or edge computing project.

Every project is unique, and there will likely be other aspects of your install that you’ll need to consider (contact us to talk through them), but these guidelines will give you a solid place to start. To learn more about how fanless cooling works, check out our Tech Edge episode on the subject.

To read the complete article, click on this link:


Julius Frago,
The Automation School

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