Three Reasons Why You Should Enroll In Online Training This December

With 2018 quickly coming to a close, I wanted to share three reasons why I think this December is the best time for you and your colleagues to enroll in online courses at The Automation School.

Reason 1: 2018 Pricing

In the past month we've invested heavily in new equipment so we can continue to expand our popular “extended” courses.

And to reflect the continued expansion of these courses, they will be seeing a price increase January 1st.

But those who enroll before January 1st not only get the “extended” courses at the lower 2018 prices, they also get access to all the new lessons planned for 2019 and beyond!

Reason 2: No Expiration Dates

Here at The Automation School, we understand that students often need to come back and retake certain lessons to get a refresher prior to going out into the field.

That's why all our courses come with absolutely no expiration or deadline.

As long as students have access to the email the registered with, they're  able to re-take any lesson in any course they're enrolled in!

Reason 3: Group Registration and Returning Student Discounts

Here at The Automation School, many of our students are enrolled by their employer as part of a “group” of students.

By enrolling employees in groups, companies not only receive a group enrollment discount, but also gain access to a group tracking web page where they can monitor and confirm each students progress.

This is especially helpful at companies where employees unlock bonuses and/or career advancement options by successfully completing training.

That said, we also have many students who take it upon themselves to purchase their own automation training.

And when those students complete a course and want to enroll in another, we encourage them to contact us here for a special “returning student” discount!

So if you or your colleagues need to learn the automation skills covered in our online courses, the closing days of 2018 are likely going to be the best time to enroll.

For details about what's covered in our “extended” courses, see the below links to our product PDFs:

And to get a quote, learn about using a company check or purchase order, or to find out about returning student discounts, you're invited to contact me directly here.

Happy Holidays!

Shawn Tierney
Founder, The Automation School

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