Instructors Wanted

Thank you for your interest in becoming an instructor at The Automation School!

Our goal is to provide our students with affordable, quality automation training, as well as insure our instructors can publish and maintain courses as valued members of our instructor team!

To that end, we offer all our instructors free coaching on course creation, as well as pass on over eighty percent of each sale to them.

In return, we require instructors to visit the site each week to answer student questions on order for their course(s) to remain available in our marketplace.

Common Questions:

What topics can I teach a course on?

The Automation School is a marketplace for industrial automation training, and we review each proposed course to insure it's appropriate, unique, and not a duplicate of another active course in our marketplace.

We do also require instructors to confirm they have the rights to the curriculum they use in their course(s), and most instructors create their own curriculum so there are no concerns over copy and usage rights.

What is the cost to publish a course on The Automation School?

We don't charge our instructors to add their course to our marketplace, and they do receive at least 80% of each sale. The remainder covers payment processing, video hosting, web hosting, as well as site and user administration.

We do however ask that instructors who request our free coaching services to commit to releasing their course on The Automation School.

What should my course include?

Your course should include (at a minimum) 60 minutes of lesson videos recorded in at least 720p30 or higher resolution, with clear, easy to understand, “noise/static/buzz” free audio.

Courses should also include quizzes to test the student's knowledge, and optional exercises for the student to complete on their own time.

Each course lesson should be no longer than 20 minutes, and we recommend splitting lessons near 20 minutes in length into two parts.

How do I collect funds from the courses I sell?

Funds from course sales are available to be withdrawn at the start of each month for all courses sold prior to the 15th of the previous month.

More payment details are provided to instructors who have courses approved for publication.

Can I also publish my course(s) elsewhere?


However, we do require that any course you publish on The Automation School is not offered for a lower price elsewhere.

What do I need to do to get started?

Just fill in the form below to submit your request.

Once you're application is received, we'll typically respond within 1 to 3 business days.