PVP Basics

Learn to setup, use, and program the Allen-Bradley PanelView Plus using FactoryTalk View Studio

What you'll learn:

✓ PanelView Plus, Plus 6, Plus 7 Hardware ✓ Edit, create, up & download Applications
✓ Set up PLC comms (SLC-500, MicroLogix) ✓ Set up PAC comms (Compact/ControlLogix)
✓ Create, edit, and use HMI Tags ✓ Create, edit, and test Graphics
✓ Create, edit, and use Objects ✓ Create, edit, and test Alarms
✓ Test Run and backup Applications ✓ Create and download Runtimes

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49 Lessons

What You'll Learn and Receive

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Proudly Serving Thousands of Individuals and Companies in Fifty-five Countries:

Learn to confidently setup, program, and troubleshoot Allen-Bradley's PanelView Plus in PVP Basics

You don't need to spend thousands of dollars and several days in a classroom to learn how to setup, program, and troubleshoot the Allen-Bradley PanelView Plus using Factory Talk View Machine EditionAll you need is a Windows PC and our affordable PVP Basics Online Course.

PVP Basics is the perfect online course for those who want to learn to setup, create, edit, deploy, and troubleshoot the Allen-Bradley PanelView Plus with FactoryTalk View Studio Machine Edition. Taught by a factory certified PanelView expert with over thirty years of experience, in this course you will learn everything you need to know to create, deploy, and troubleshoot the PanelView Plus with confidence.

Unlike expensive factory training which either requires you to spend a week in a classroom, or provides time limited access to online lessons, our HMI and SCADA courses come with no expiration date and expert instructor support. And if you don't have a copy of ViewStudio, we walk you through how to get a full thirty day trial license right from Rockwell – a trial license that after thirty days converts into a demo which you can continue to use for up to two hours at a time.

And for the PLC connections, the instructor provides his PLC Sample Code in MicroLogix, SLC-500/Emulate500, PLC-5, CompactLogix, and ControlLogix formats. He also shows you how to connect to each of these controllers so no matter which one you decide to use (including the free Emuate500) you'll know exactly how to set it up.

Unlike other companies whose job is done once the sale is complete, we're committed to your success and actively encourage our students to post questions in our lesson discussion area, where our expert instructors monitor during the week to answer student questions.

We also invite you to come back and retake any lesson as the need arises, which is made possible by the fact that none of our course come with an expiration date.

And when you finish your course and pass all the quizzes, you'll also be rewarded with an official Completion Certificate from from The Automation School that will list the Professional Development Hours you've earned by completing all of the course content.

Course Topics:

Below is a summary of the topics covered in this course, and a complete lesson listing is also available in a following section:

  • How to open, edit, and create applications
  • How to correctly setup project settings, and what to consider before changing
  • How to setup RSLinx Enterprise Ethernet and Serial communications to ControlLogix, CompactLogix, SLC-500, and MicroLogix
  • How to create, edit, and use all the different types of HMI Tags
  • How to import Tags from RSLogix, and import / export the Tag DB to Excel
  • How to create, edit, and test Graphics, Objects, Symbols, and Libraries
  • How to directly reference PLC Tags both online and off
  • How to test your Graphic Displays, and test your entire Application on your PC

Who should take this course:

Anyone who has some PLC experience and would like to learn how to setup, program, and troubleshoot the A-B PanelView Plus family of Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs.)

Instructor Bio:

Shortly after earning a degree in Electronics, Shawn Tierney spent twenty five years working in the field as a Rockwell Automation authorized distributor specialist helping countless Engineers and Electricians learn how to select, setup, program, and troubleshoot Allen-Bradley industrial automation controls.

During his time as a specialist, Shawn attended over fifty weeks of Rockwell training and gained his certification as a Rockwell Automation Specialist and Information Software Specialist, and graduated from Rockwell's STPA Certification program with the highest recorded score.

During that time Shawn also earned his Microsoft Certifications in Server and Desktop Operating Systems, becoming a Microsoft Certified Professional.

Shawn left his job as an Automation Specialist in 2015 to focus on sharing everyting he's learned in affordable, self-paced courses at

Student review: “Best HMI course I've taken. If you want to learn HMI's from start to finish you owe it to yourself to take this course. Outstanding!!!” – RV

Student review: “Amazing course on HMIs. It's rich with a lot of information. I enjoyed the course and looking forward to more of Shawn's courses.” – AKA

Student review: “The course was very organized, short snippets of information kept my attention and focus.  Good job!” – BR

Student review: “The course is really good, and the teacher is very knowledgeable and always answers all the questions.” – MG


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PVP Basics Online Course


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A-B Ultimate Course Bundle


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  • + MicroLogix Course & 2024 Update
  • + Micro800 Course & 2024 Update
  • + CCW VFD Quickstart
  • + Master Logix: PLCLogix
  • + Master Logix: FactoryIO Pre-Order
  • + Ultimate SLC Pre-Order
  • + Ultimate PLC-5 Pre-Order

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Lesson Snapshots


Lessons and Reviews


Start Here: Important Course Tips *

Lesson 01: PVP Basics Course Intro

Lesson 02: PanelView Plus Hardware

Lesson 03: 400, 600, and Compact

Lesson 04: Version Support

Lesson 05: PanelView Plus 6

Lesson 06: PanelView Plus 7

Quiz 01 – PVP Hardware

Lesson 07: Configuration Menu

Quiz 02 – Configuration Menu

Lesson 08: Get a free copy of View

Update: How To Get Demo Software

Lesson 09: Intro to View Studio

Lesson 10: Project System Settings

Lesson 11: HMI Tags

Lesson 12: Graphics

Quiz 03 – Programming Software

Lesson 13: Create an Application

Lesson 14: Memory Tags

Lesson 15: Default Graphic Displays

Lesson 16: Panel, Text, Image Objects

Lesson 17: Numeric and String Displays

Lesson 18: Libraries

Lesson 19: Navigation and Testing

Lesson 20: Symbol Factory, Fill, Inputs

Lesson 21: Arrange, Align, Substitute

Quiz 04 – Creating and Editing Applications

Lesson 22: Communications Setup

Quiz 05 – Communications Settings

Lesson 23: HMI Device Tags

Lesson 24: Assigning Tags to Objects

Lesson 25: Graphic Display Design 1

Lesson 26: Graphic Display Design 2

Lesson 27: Find and Replace, Sliders

Lesson 28: Alarms

Lesson 29: .MER Runtime Files

Lesson 30: Removable Storage

Lesson 31: Backing Up Your Project

Quiz 06 – Runtimes and Archives

Lesson 32: Final Lesson

Lesson 02.10: How To Find Your Local Rep (2018) *

Updated RSLogix/Linx/Emulate Download Procedure (0420)

Bonus 00: Section Intro

Bonus-V: Using Images on Buttons *

Bonus-V: FactoryTalk View v14 – What's New * New

Appendix A: Find Rep (old)

Appendix B: All Downloads

Appendix C: Notes on PVP Security

Appendix D: Notes on Uploading MER Files



Course Requirements and Questions

Requirements to follow along and/or complete any optional exercises:

Students who wish to complete any optional exercises, or just follow along with the instructor as he teaches, will need the following:

  • An internet connection to take this online course
  • A installed and working copy of FactoryTalk View Studio (information on how to request a free 30 day evaluation and demo copy from Rockwell is covered in the course)
  • While the majority of the course can be completed without a physical PanelView Plus, downloading and testing the HMI would require a physical PanelView Plus (any model) and compatible PC, PLC, and cable (all covered in this course)
  • Sample PLC files are provided for the Allen-Bradley MicroLogix, CompactLogix, ControlLogix, PLC-5, SLC-500, and free RSEmulate500

Note: The version of FactoryTalk View Studio used in this course is 8.0, and according to Rockwell it supports these Windows versions:

  • Windows XP Pro SP3 32-bit
  • Windows Vista, Home or Business
  • Windows 7 Pro
  • Windows 8 Pro
  • Note: Newer versions now support Windows 10

Pre-sales Questions:

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