Mastering Logix Applications with 15 Day Trial of PLCLogix 5000


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Learn to create ControlLogix control programs for several simulated “IO Worlds” based on real world applications using PLC Logix 5000.

NOTE: Comes with link to download 15 day trial of PLCLogix 5000

What you’ll learn:

✓ How to Install and Use PLCLogix 5000 ✓ Write Programs using built-in IO Simulator
✓ How to control the Air Compressor App. ✓ How to control the Conveyor Carwash App.
✓ How to control the Warehouse Door App. ✓ How to control the Silo & Conveyor App.
✓ How to control the Batch Processing App. ✓ How to control the Stationary Carwash App.
✓ Coming Soon: Control the Traffic App. ✓ Future PLCLogix 5000 lessons included

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For the most up-to-date course details, please visit the course page HERE

What You'll Learn and Receive

What You'll Receive With Your Purchase


Become a master at solving ControlLogix and CompactLogix applications without having to buy thousands of dollars of equipment and software by taking our NEW Mastering Logix Applications using PLCLogix 5000 simulation software.

Those who want to become proficient programming control systems using A-B Logix controllers often find themselves trying to simulate complex operations with lights and switches, since building application test systems can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

But with our Mastering Logix Applications course and a copy of PLCLogix 5000, students have everything they need to learn how to solve several fully simulated applications.

PLCLogix 5000 is a unique software tool that not only simulates the workings of RSLogix / Studio 5000 Standard Edition, but also includes a fully simulated ControlLogix Controller with several Digital and Analog IO modules, as well as an IO Simulator and Ten Fully Simulated Applications.

That means students of our Mastering Logix Applications with PLCLogix 5000 don't need to buy a copy of RSLogix/Studio 5000 (starting at $370/year for Mini,) an A-B controller (starting at $800 for a 1769-L1,) and various input, output and panel devices.

Instead, students can choose between buying our Mastering Logix Applications course and using the Free Trial Version of PLCLogix 5000 for a 15 day period, or pickup a Lifetime License of PLCLogix 5000 from The Automation School for just $299.99. And when you purchase a PLCLogix 5000 license from us you also get our Mastering Logix Applications course for it completely free!

Because we value your time, each application lesson also comes with a “Tag Start File” so if you wish to jump right into programming you'll be able to do so while still using the same tag definitions as our instructor.

NOTE: If you purchase the bundle with the course and software license, an activation instruction email will be sent to you within four working days of placing your order. To activate your license you need to install the 15 Day Trail software (link to download included with your receipt) on the PC you will be activating your license on. Also note that the 15 Day Trial has the same features as the Full License, but will only run for 15 days from the time of installation, unless activated.

NOTE: If purchasing more than a Single License (any quantity over 1) you must provide us with the names and email addresses of the additional students for us to be able to process your order.

Course Topics:

Below is a summary of the topics covered in this course, and a complete lesson listing is also available in a following section:

  • Installing, Running, and Details about PLCLogix 5000
  • How to Use PLCLogix 5000 and its Built-In I/O Simulator
  • Controlling the Air Compressor Application
  • Controlling the Conveyor Carwash Application
  • Controlling the Warehouse Door Application
  • Controlling the Silo and Conveyor Application
  • Controlling the Batch Mixing and Processing Application
  • Controlling the Stationary Carwash Application
  • Coming Soon – Controlling the Traffic Signal Application
  • As well as any future PLCLogix 5000 lessons

Who should take this course:

Anyone who understands the basic usage of RSLogix / Studio 5000 and would like to learn to write programs to solve applications, or practice their application solving skills, while also learning to use PLCLogix 5000.

Instructor Bio:

Shortly after earning a degree in Electronics, Shawn Tierney spent twenty five years working in the field as a Rockwell Automation authorized distributor specialist helping countless Engineers and Electricians learn how to select, setup, program, and troubleshoot Allen-Bradley industrial automation controls.

During his time as a specialist, Shawn attended over fifty weeks of Rockwell training and gained his certification as a Rockwell Automation Specialist and Information Software Specialist, and graduated from Rockwell's STPA Certification program with the highest recorded score.

During that time Shawn also earned his Microsoft Certifications in Server and Desktop Operating Systems, becoming a Microsoft Certified Professional.

Shawn left his job as an Automation Specialist in 2015 to focus on sharing everyting he's learned in affordable, self-paced courses at


Course Requirements and Questions

Course Requirements:

To take online courses at The Automation School you need an internet connection, and students who wish to complete optional exercises or follow along with the instructor as he teaches, will need the following:

  • A Windows 10 PC to install either the 15 day trial (free) or full lifetime license ($299) of PLC Logix 5000 (other versions of Windows have not been tested.)
  • Note: The PLC Logix 15 Day Trial period starts when you install the Trail Software and  cannot be reset
  • Note: This course is based on the 2021 Edition of PLC Logix 5000 running on Windows 10, and all of the instructor's Tag Start files are provided in this version of PLCLogix 5000.

Pre-sales Questions:

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