S7 PLCs – Level 1

S7 PLCs – Level 1

Learn to setup, program, and troubleshoot the S7-1200 and 1500 line of PLCs, including:

✓ S7-1200 and 1500 hardware overview ✓ Introduction to TIA Portal and Step 7
✓ How to get a 21 Day free trial of TIA portal ✓ How to setup and use the free S7 PLC Simulator
✓ System sizing & component selection ✓ CPU & system architecture and OS
✓ CPU scan and Memory ✓ Communications setup
✓ Version differences, Flashing Firmware ✓ Add and test Local S7-1200 & 1500 I/O
✓ Create, test, and troubleshoot Programs ✓ Create and use PLC Tags and Data Blocks

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Compact Basics, Level 1

Compact Basics, Level 1

Learn to setup, use, and program the Allen-Bradley CompactLogix Small Programmable Automation Controller

What you’ll learn:

✓ CompactLogix hardware overview ✓ System sizing & component selection
✓ Controller architecture and OS ✓ Comm hardware and RSLinx Driver setup
✓ Version differences, Flashing Firmware ✓ Add and test Local and Ethernet I/O
✓ Create and edit Tasks and Programs ✓ Create and test Ladder Routines

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