PLC Core Basics (First Edition)

Learn to setup, use, and program PLCs with the "budget" version of PLC Basics (first edition)

What you'll learn:

✓ What PLCs are & how they work ✓ How to read Ladder Logic
✓ Inputs and Outputs, I/O Scan ✓ Bits, Integers, Timers, Counters
✓ Setting up RSLinx Drivers ✓ Creating Programs in RSLogix
✓ Testing Programs in Emulate ✓ Up & Downloading to PLCs

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19 Lessons

Instructor: Shawn Tierney


In this course you'll learn the how to get started with Allen-Bradley PLCs and RSLogix programming software.

NOTE: This course covers a subset of topics included in “PLC Basics, Second Edition” and is offered as a low cost alternative to that more expansive course.

I'm happy to announce the re-released of my original PLC course in a new, super affordable “Core” edition.

This slimmed down “first edition” is being offered as low cost alternative to my completely refilmed and much expanded “PLC Basics, Second Edition” course.

Cut from the original 2014 course which earned a 4.6 out of 5 star rating with students in over 45 counties, this trimmer two hour edition has been simplified to include only the “core” topics you need to know to begin using and programming PLCs!

Note: Customers looking for my completely new and much expanded second edition course should click here: PLC Basics, Second Edition.

What you will learn:

  • Understand what a PLC is, and how to read Ladder Logic
  • How to download, setup and use RSLogix, RSLinx, and RSEmulate
  • Understand Data Table files O, I, S, B, T, and C
  • Configure RSLinx communications to Emulated PLCs, as well as the Serial DF1 driver and cables used with A-B PLCs
  • Write, download, go online, test, and troubleshoot PLC Ladder Logic programs using Bit, Latch, Timer, and Counter instructions.

Who should take this course:

This introductory PLC course is designed for those people without prior PLC experience who want to get started using and programming PLCs quickly and inexpensively.

This course is also recommended as the starting point for beginners who would like to go on to learn about other A-B Programmable Controllers, including the Allen-Bradley CompactLogix and ControlLogix PACs.

Note: This course is not the newest, nor is it the longest version, however it is the least expensive. Students looking for the newest and longest version of the course should check out my new, completely re-recorded five hour edition, PLC Basics, Second Edition.


Requirements to complete optional exercises or follow along:

Students who wish to complete optional exercises, or follow along with the instructor as he programs, will need the following:

  • An internet connection to download the free RSLogix programming and emulation software from Rockwell's website
  • A Windows PC compatible with the above software

Note: The free RSLogix software supports these Windows versions:

  • Windows XP Pro SP3 32-bit
  • Windows Vista, Home or Business
  • Windows 7, Home or Pro
  • Windows 8, Home or Pro
  • Windows 10 (Unofficially, instructor tested)

Students who wish to program a physical PLC (as opposed to using the free Emulator) will also need:

  • A Windows PC with either a USB or Serial Port (Ethernet can be used with the 1100 & 1400)
  • A MicroLogix Programming Cable (either USB or Serial to Mini-Din) for use with all MicroLogix models, or Ethernet cables for use with the MicroLogix 1100 & 1400 (USB and Serial cables are covered in the course)
  • If using the free RSLogix software, students can use either an Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1000 or 1100
  • If using a licensed copy of RSLogix Micro or RSLogix 500, students can use any MicroLogix
  • NOTE: The specific PLC covered in this course is the MicroLogix 1000
  • Any Inputs (push buttons, switches, etc) or Outputs (pilot lights, relays, etc) the student would like to use with their PLC
  • NOTE: While the course covers how to find I/O wiring diagrams, it does not include lessons on basic electricity or wiring I/O devices

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