PLC Core Basics Course

PLC Core Basics Course

In this course you’ll learn the how to get started with Allen-Bradley PLCs and RSLogix programming software

Instructor: Shawn Tierney

Course Overview:

I’m happy to announce the re-released of my original PLC Basics course in a new, super affordable “Core” edition!

Cut from the original 2014 course which earned a 4.6 out of 5 star rating with students in over 45 counties, this trimmer two hour edition has been simplified to include only the “core” topics you need to know to begin using and programming PLCs!

Note: Customers looking for my completely new, five hour second edition click here: PLC Basics, Second Edition.

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What you will learn:

  • Understand what a PLC is, and how to read Ladder Logic
  • How to download, setup and use RSLogix, RSLinx, and RSEmulate
  • Understand Data Table files O, I, S, B, T, and C
  • Configure RSLinx communications to Emulated PLCs, as well as the Serial DF1 driver and cables used with A-B PLCs
  • Write, download, go online, test, and troubleshoot PLC Ladder Logic programs using Bit, Latch, Timer, and Counter instructions.

Who should take this course:

This introductory PLC course is designed for those people without prior PLC experience who want to get started using and programming PLCs quickly and inexpensively.

This course is also recommended as the starting point for beginners who would like to go on to learn about other A-B Programmable Controllers, including the Allen-Bradley CompactLogix and ControlLogix PACs.

Note: This course is not the newest, nor is it the longest version, however it is the least expensive. Students looking for the newest and longest version of the course should check out my new, completely re-recorded five hour edition, PLC Basics, Second Edition.

What is required to follow along:

If you would like to follow along with the instructor, you will need a personal computer running Microsoft Windows XP or 7 to run the free software used in this course.

And while the instructor demonstrates how to download the free programming, communications, and emulation software used, he can not guarantee that students in every part of the world will have access to Rockwell’s downloads.

What is included with the course:

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What Customers Are Saying:

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I can honestly say that I have learned more with this course than I did with A-B's version. I feel so much more confident with communications between the computer, drivers, and the plc. And I understand better the functions and the processes that are taking place in the plc regarding XIC's, TON's, and Counters. This has really opened my eyes!


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I appreciate the use of the MicroLogix platform since the software is available and still applicable to the bigger AB PLCs. Also appreciate the detail in how to find and download the software, the AB website is a nightmare without a guide.


Instructors presentation is clear and well organized. He walks the student through setting up the software so that the student may follow along at home.


Very nice course. You're a really good teacher who knows how to teach. I realy enjoyed this course. Thank you very much


Perfectly paced. He knows his stuff, and he's quite simply, a very gifted instructor. Thanks.


The pace and clarity in which this course is conducted is outstanding.


Fast and efficient to the basics of PLC and PLC programming


Very straight forward and easy to follow along.


Learned a lot and very easy to understand


Very easy to understand and follow.


Course Options:

Enrollment Options:

Course & Mobile
Online Course & Mobile
Get started with PLCs by learning the "core" basics!
Online Course with Completion Certificate *
Vimeo Edition with Mobile App Access **
Two Disc DVD Set with Free USPS Shipping ***
Online Instructor Support
Course & Mobile for $19.99
Two Disc DVD Set
Two Disc DVD Set
Get started with PLCs by learning the "core" basics!
Online Course with Completion Certificate *
Vimeo Edition with Mobile App Access **
Two Disc DVD Set with Free USPS Shipping ***
Online Instructor Support
Two Disc DVD Set for $34.98
Complete Bundle!
Course & Mobile + DVD
Get started with PLCs by learning the "core" basics!
Online Course with Completion Certificate *
Vimeo Edition with Mobile App Access **
Two Disc DVD Set with Free USPS Shipping ***
Online Instructor Support
Get everything for $49.97

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** Vimeo Edition with Mobile App Support Details: When purchasing the “Vimeo Edition” option you’ll receive a PDF coupon voucher to redeem a copy of all the course’s video lessons from, which will allow you to stream the course videos on any device that supports Vimeo. Additionally, you may also use the free Vimeo “Mobile App” on supported devices to “watch later” or download the video lessons of this course to supported mobile devices (many popular phones and tablets) for offline viewing. For more details and for a list of supported devices visit

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**** Online Instructor Support Details: All editions of the course includes online instructor support. When you purchase the “Online Course” option you’ll have access to a “Lesson Discussion Area” on the bottom of each lesson page where you can ask the instructor questions related to that lesson’s content. If you purchase the DVD edition you are instead enrolled in a DVD Support Forum where you can ask the instructor questions related to the course’s content.