VMware Workstation Getting Started

In this course you’ll learn all the basics needed to setup and use VMware Workstation.

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In this course you’ll learn all the basics needed to setup and use VMware Workstation.

Instructor: Shawn Tierney
Category: Virtualization

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In this course you'll learn the basics of installing, setting up, and using VMware Workstation.

What you will learn:

  • How to get a copy VMware Workstation and install it
  • How to Open and Navigate VMware Workstation
  • How to Create a Windows XP Virtual Machine
  • How to Upgrade VMware Workstation and Install VMware Tools
  • How to Enable Folder Sharing and take Snapshops
  • How to Activate and Clone your VM

Who should take this course:

Anyone who will be using VMware Workstation for the first time will find the information and lessons in this course helpful and informative.

What is required to follow along:

If you would like to follow along with the instructor, you will need a personal computer with VMware Workstation installed (you may find the free VMware Player works as well) and a valid Windows Operating System installation disc and license.

What is included with the course:

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