Recommended Reading: What is Passkey Authentication?

This is an excerpt from a recent educational article by RF IDEAS:

passkey is a secure, digital credential that replaces vulnerable passwords with a pair of cryptographic keys. The private key is stored on the user’s device (e.g., a smartphone, tablet, computer, or a dedicated hardware security key) and never transmitted over the network. Passkeys do not rely on shared secrets and are inherently phishing-resistant. They are also based on FIDO standards developed and maintained by the FIDO Alliance. Any FIDO2 credential is a passkey. Pairing passkeys with other authentication methods can make your security even stronger. For example, SSO authentication is a method that enables users to access multiple applications or services using a single set of login credentials. SSO authenticates the user once and then grants access to various connected systems without requiring the user to log in separately to each application.

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Julius Frago,
The Automation School

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