Micro Programmable Controller Basics Kickstarter Backers

Micro Programmable Controller Basics

Kickstarter Backer Credits:

Listed below are all the Kickstarter backers who pledged at the “webpage credits” reward level who helped bring Micro Programmable Controller Basics, later renamed PLC “Core” Basics, to life on May 2nd, 2014.

Five years later, TheAutomationSchool.com now offers several training courses (in addition to the our original Kickstarter course) under $60, including a second edition of PLC Basics, as well as affordable versions of courses on CompactLogix, PanelView PlusMicro800 and VFD Parameter Uploading and Downloading!

Senior Executive Producer:

  • Karen Tierney

Executive Producers:

  • Automationtechies

  • Alexander Ponce-Bonano

  • Callisto Integration

  • Robert A Zeigenfuse

  • Software Toolbox

  • Stephen J Tierney III

Senior Associate Producer:

  • SoftNoze USA Inc

Associate Producers:

  • Adam Tannir

  • Ames Electrical Consulting

  • PLC Concepts Inc.

  • Spyrle

Project Backers:

  • BW Systems, Inc.

  • DMC, Inc.

  • Efren Holguin

  • Egan Company

  • Jason Mahan

  • Jayce Oxton

  • John McGilvreay

  • Linda Gazaille

  • Merrill Desrosiers

  • Michael O'Brien

  • Paulo Marafuga

  • Randall Powell

  • Richard Timperio

  • Ryan S Thompson

  • Softing North America

  • Stephen J Tierney Photography

  • Taurus Power & Controls, Inc.

  • William K Butter

  • Yoel Rodriguez

You can view our original Kickstarter campaign HERE.

NOTE: I've also added these backers to the credits of my all three of my PLC training courses as seen below: